CloudEurope has a couple of charity projects per year since 1992. Arisen from the previous company, the red line in these projects has become the education and use of IT & computer technologies in 3e world countries. At the moment we are running several projects, through our own NGO in Senegal, Gambia, Tanzania en Zambia, where (refurbished) laptops/tablads & computer are being delivered to be an inspiration for kids, but also for young adults. mainly focuses on Cloud-based services, and when the power fells of in these countries, all data is this present in the cloud and nothing is lost. No data loss, nothing!! This is more and more realized by companies and organization in the African world, but it's still progressing slowly. One of our employees travels at least once a year to one of the locations, to deliver (old) phones, tablets, laptops, including French & English power adapters, followed up with education on-site for unexperienced users and professionals. In some countries our NGO's even has own contact persons, which works even better! 

So do you have a tablet, phone, or laptop you wanna throw away? We are happy with it, and will make sure that it will get a good second destination. Doing the same thing through larger organizations, often will leads to nothing. With your old phone, tablet, or laptop, we can create many people happy and connected to the outside world. Are you interested on donating a device? Or do you want to help us with a financial donation for the transportation costs? Please contact us for more information. We are always glad to help you on these matters. Contact, feedback, photo of the child getting/working with your old device is a default procedure with us.