Welcome to the general WebShop page of CloudEurope.nl.   

In the sub-menu's you'll find several different articles that we sell online. These product all match the products of our Facebook webshop. Pricing is the same, there is no difference between the shops. The only difference is that our description can be a little extended/longer here, and that all prices on this website are end-user prices, including VAT, but all noted in Euro's (€) while all prices in the Facebook webshop are noted in USD ($).  

The main advantage for buying these products through our webshop is that we can offer you full & free support on all products we offer here. Never a bad buy, as we are standing behind each product and can give you the attention you need when something goes wrong during your installation ar product activation. No hassle with far away online suppliers that cannot be reached. All the products that we sell are also fully supported!

We do however ask you to provide your order- or invoicenumber for every support issue, as we have to be able to check that you bought the product through our store. 
Problems? or Questions? We are glad to be of help! In order to make less mistakes, we kindly request to fill in your question, with as much details as possible, through this  contact form. You can check a box to give yourself a copy, and we get in touch as soon as possible with you!

Kind regards,

The CloudEurope.nl Online Team