the Diagram Library


The Diagram Library provides you with a full and complete, ready to go, set of diagrams. Thousands of them are just waiting for you to be used. Don't go figure out, search the internet, or create a nice diagram for your presentation yourself. It will only cost you time and we already have made them all for you. Choose directly from the library and see the example enlarged instantly in your PowerPoint slide. You can build your slides in a few minutes now!


Insert a template into
PowerPoint with one click


The iSlide Diagram Library provides more powerful resources and usage methods to help designers quickly create professional presentations, commercial road shows and more.


  iSlide Diagram Library direct on screen example

 iSlide Diagram Library click and insert example




5400+ continuously updated
PowerPoint diagrams


Boasting full vector design, the diagrams you insert adapt fully to the current PowerPoint theme colors and existing layout rules.

Making it all very easy to modify it at a later stage.




Visible changes & enhancements!


It is the graphical expression that makes PowerPoint distinguishable from other programs like Word.

The iSlide Diagram Library helps all (non) professional designers to present and deliver information more vividly in a faster way.



  iSlide Diagram Library Before and After comparison picture

 iSlide - Diagram Library styles picture



Backed by a
professional design team


Strictly in accordance with all the worldwide standards, our designers, design and optimize the diagrams, retaining the freedom for re-editing. 

Automatically adapting to 4:3 and 16:9 screen sizes, they conform to all the main stream size of current wide- & common presentation screens.


Cannot find what you are looking for in the tons of PowerPoint resources on the internet? Try iSlide now!

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