the Vector Library!

The Vector Library provides a variety of searchable flat vector illustrations, that you can directly insert into your presentation, without using other software. No attribution is needed and all vector graphics are mathematical and revolve around lines and shapes. This means that no matter how you resize them, they will scale properly without any pixilation.


Insert a Vector graphic into
PowerPoint with just one click


The iSlide Vector Library contains thousands of pre-made professional vector images.
Type a key word in the search bar to quickly find one matching your presentation topic.



  Vector Library look example

 Vector Library Insert or Replace on hovering over the icon




Using vectors
was never so easy before!


1.) Find a vector and click to download it into the current slide.

2.) In your slide, select the element that needs to be replaced. When you hover over any vector in the library, you can see the "replace" icon. Just click to replace it directly. Every object can be replaced.



Modify and personalize
your vectors!


All downloaded vectors are grouped by default for a convenient layout. To edit the vector, right-click on it, choose Group > Ungroup.

Select your object, remove, re-size, or re-color it.
You can do it all! Your imagination is the limitation!
Can you change the chair color?

Every week new vectors are added to the Library!



  How to modify and personalize your vectors from the iSlide Vector Library

 How to edit line points in a vector object




Edit Points


Right click the element you want to edit. Choose Edit Points.

Start customizing the fill & line color, size, shape, thickness, transparency.

Now you are able to create anything you want, with just a few clicks!


Difficult to create a refreshing presentation that continues to fascinate your audience? Try iSlide now!

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