Welcome to the (ad hoc) system management page of CloudEurope.nl

Are you looking for a system administrator (M/F) for ad hoc work or as a light support for your business without hiring anyone Meet with CloudEuropeNL take or have to hire (expensively)? Then CloudEuropeNL is the right place for you! On a regular basis we support (large) SMEs with tasks such as simple hiring of "hands" when necessary, project support and guidance, support during illness and maternity leave, and general on-call management for smaller companies that just need someone every now and then. install or update something safe, correctly. Remote management can be a choice, but CloudEuropeNL's rates are always competitive. Please contact us if you require any of the services below!

  • (remote) (Azure) Server management

  • Windows update management

  • Honest advice on/about your current systems

  • Second opinion on 3rd party advice

  • Performance & cost optimization
  • Workplace management on-site

  • Intune / EndPoint management

  • Endpoint anti-virus / spyware / malware

  • Email and (expensive) license questions

  • Application integrations
  • User account management

  • Advice on policy / security settings

  • Office 365 / Teams / Sharepoint / OneDrive

  • Active Directory maintenance and GPOs

  • Entra ID / SSO and rights provisioning

Is your wish or question not listed? Please contact us and we will be happy to make an appointment with you without obligation to discuss your wishes!
The choice is entirely yours. We do not have to enter into a contract or fixed number of hours, it is just flexible, per hour and whenever you want.

IT (Cloud) Services