Replacing Icons in one click!

Replacing an icon in one of your PowerPoint slides is very easy with the iSlide add-in. Just go to the slide where you want to replace an icon and select it. Open the Icon library, set your filtering to "Free" if you don't have the Premium version and use the "Search" option to find an icon of your choice. Just click the icon and the icon is replaced in your slide, with the same color and size like the original icon had. How convenient! Change the color of the new icon or replace other icons in your slides.

Select an icon in a diagram to replace it.(1) Select the icon that needs to be replaced in
the diagram.

Search and find your new icon in the iSlide icon library and just click it.(2) Click the target icon in the "Icon Library"
to replace it.

And you are done, change the color of the icon if you want to.(3) Done! Change the icon color or go on.


See how easy it is to use the iSlide add-in? Do you want to create refreshing presentations in less time as well? Try iSlide now!

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