the Picture Library

The Picture Library contains thousands of royalty free pictures that you can directly use in your presentations. You all know that a picture almost always is saying more than a thousand words, but they need to be used in presentations with some style and with a little restraint.


Insert a Picture with one click


The iSlide Picture Library contains thousands of pre-made, high quality, professional images. They are all royalty free and if you select an object in your PowerPoint slide you can replace it, or fill it with the picture of your choice with just one click.



   the iSlide Picture Library

 the iSlide Picture Library explaining Sort Upload and Search




Uploading & Searching!


By default all the pictures are shown in the view. You can also choose to see the popular or the latest pictures.  

1.) Upload your own favorite pictures, logo's into your own library. You can find them later under the "Favorite" tab. They will be only there for you and and not shared with others. 

2.) You can search into the library. Try to look for key words, about  the current theme or topic in your slides. Your search history is saved, automatically, but can be erased with the recycle bin.



Using filters!


You can use some filters with the international icon for it.

You can choose between (personal) Premium permissions or for the free pictures for instance. The preferences are saved in your profile for later use.

You can also select a single, or multiple categories in order to bulk select a bounce of Select your object, remove, re-size, or re-color it. Try it out, it works like a charm.

Remember that every week new pictures are added to the Picture Library!


  the iSlide Picture Library explaining filtering and Categories


The picture library saves you a lot of time with the one click replacements. Check out our online examples as well. Try iSlide now!

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