Create a free Valentine gift in minutes!

Valentine day is one of those days that people who care a lot about each other, are giving presents, gifts or other signs of love to each other. We at iSlide PowerPoint can only promote those kinds of affections, as we are missing some very good friends and lovers as well on the other side of the world. When your gift is stuck in transportation, a digital Valentine's card is always a good way to email to your lover that is far away. Not only do you let them know how much you care about her or him, you are also presenting them a digital surprise, that will certainly make them smile when they open your email and attachment! Of course, you can also make a picture of this Valentine's card idea, or make it another text. We just want you to get inspired here that you can do a lot more with your PowerPoint than you are used to do. Making it a real surprise for your partner!

So,.. we wish a Happy Valentine's Day to you all. Let's make a lovely greeting card for this sweet day using Microsoft PowerPoint and the free iSlide add-in. You open the vector library, just type in "letters" and follow one of the examples that we provide you in this video. Your own imagination is the actual limit when it comes to making your own card for the ones you love. Watch the video and let's get started!

Enjoy watching us making this Valentine card example, just using a few of the thousands of available items from the vector library. Watch it till the end as more inspiring ideas come up at the end of the video. Have some more ideas? Just let us know through the normal channels how we can help you!



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