how to Join Images

The Join Images feature of the iSlide PowerPoint add-in is a powerful feature that can do a lot for you. Underneath we highlight some great possibilities. From creating nice looking schedules, or infographics, to optimized hand-outs for mobile users. Lots of show cases are also available. Want to know more about that, just send us a message.


Join images
Make a flexible presentation


With one click you are able to create a long image of all your PowerPoint slides.

This is by far the fastest and best way to
get great results on Facebook, Whats App,
or other mobile browsers like Android, Chrome, UC, Opera or Dolphin.


  iSlide Join Images picture

iSlide Join Images picture




Free Design Combine Puzzle


Combination puzzles can help PowerPoint designers to create prototype images very fast, without the need of expensive programs like Adobe PhotoShop, CorelDRAW, Gimp, Krita, Darktable or Inkscape.



Info-graphics with PowerPoint


Personalized information data charts that hot and popular, are no longer the just the designer's exclusive.

You can easily create your own infographics in PowerPoint using the iSlide add-in.


  iSlide Join Images picture

As a PowerPoint designer, this is your indispensable artifact! Just try it out!

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