Icon Library

The Icon Library is one of the best features that is built in the iSlide PowerPoint add-in. Based on the non-picture vector format icons, this allows you to fill in colors, replace images and more. This makes it very easy to replace icons in current and/or new presentations, making it intuitive and better to understand for everyone. Remember that a picture or icon does more than a hundred words.


Quick Search & Replacement


All the icons that are from the iSlide add-in,
can be replaced, while keeping their position,
size & properties fully unchanged.



  iSlide bulk replace Icon Library example


iSlide Icon slides example



Professional, visualized


The icons in PowerPoint make the information on the slide more intuitive and easier to understand.

To find an icon, that is related to your content or topic, just type in a keyword in the library.



It is very easy to find and use vector icons this way.
You do not need to download it from the internet or insert it with kind of difficulties from your AI software or other programs.

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