Fill a shape with a Picture!

Replacing a simple shape with a picture that supports your story and presentation theme, will add value to your slides. And it has never been easier with the iSlide add-in. Just go to the slide where you want to fill a shape or another picture and select it. Open the Picture Library, set your filtering to "Free" if you don't use the Premium version and use the "Search" option to find a picture that fits your story and presentation. Just click the picture and it is replaced into your shape, automatically adjusting all the same height-to-width ratios that were there before. Say goodbye to that foolish search online for pictures that match and fit in your presentation!

Select a shape in a slide that needs to be replaced with a picture.(1) Select a shape that needs a picture fill.

Search and find a suitable picture for your fill in the iSlide Picture Library and just click it.(2) Click the picture you want to use
from the "Picture Library" to replace it.

The picture filled your shape and your PowerPoint slide is already looking better!(3) Ready! See how easy it is?


Stop messing around searching online for suitable pictures! Save yourself a lot of time with the iSlide PowerPoint add-in! Try iSlide now!

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