5 Halloween poster ideas!

The free iSlide add-in can be used for many purposes. Creating infographics about a topic is always faster with iSlide than with any other tool available. On this page we present you with some fine examples of making (window) posters for an event, party or some other kind of announcement. Below specifically, you will see the 5 great "how it's made" examples of making a Halloween party (trick or treat) poster. You can create one for your birthday, office BBQ, local fair, garage sale, an open day, or for your (sports) club. Just to give you some ideas. Plenty of possibilities, your imagination is the limit, the iSlide add-in let you create an amazing one in just a few minutes. If you are not yet very experienced with PowerPoint, do not worry about it please. Just practice a little, pause the video if it goes too fast for you and soon PowerPoint with iSlide is your best friend!

In this first example video, we are making a quick simple design for a Halloween party invite!




In the video below we start with a default Halloween vector out of the iSlide vector library and we place the moon half behind it.
Placing the final texts and you will have an amazing poster within 3 minutes!




Below you can see how we created a poster example for a trick or treat party. Starting with a default pumpkin from the vector library, we add some candy from the icon library. Watch how we quickly create different sizes of colored dots in seconds with our "Tween" feature. Creating the finishing texts is something we are confident in that you can manage without our further explanations. Enjoy!




In the below Halloween poster example, we are starting with a simple social diagram from the library. We are only using the left part of this diagram. See how easy it is to cut off the right side. This must inspire you when you look at the next diagrams! We are replacing all the social media logos with a single click with new Halloween icons. Changing the colors in the tree, changing the background color, drawing a manual shape, add the different texts and you have just created a fabulous poster in just a few minutes!




This last design demo idea, shows you how to make a PowerPoint flyer with all kinds of stuff out or the different iSlide libraries. A circle, a witch, a bat, some stars, just let your fantasy guide you. Change the background color, add a castle, more bats, and finish up with the texts that you need. It is really not that difficult, maybe it will take you a little longer than a few minutes, but you will get there and it is not costing you a big amount. What an amazing result!




We hope to have inspired you with the above video's. Noticed the colored dots with the tween feature? Or just using half of a diagram is new to you? The free iSlide add-in should be mandatory after each Microsoft Office or WPS installation! It is available and supported on the MacOS and Windows platform, so what do you want more? Visit the download page, install the plugin, register an email address and start trying the iSlide PowerPoint add-in now!


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