Moving & Transforming a shape in a slide!

Moving and transforming shapes within a PowerPoint slide is something people often don't even know it's possible. So welcome in this section of the website and we hope you will try this out yourself after reading this page. It's not too difficult. The first part is default PowerPoint, the second part needs the iSlide PowerPoint add-in. Well that's free to try also, so nothing in the way so far.

Animation in a Slide?

Of course that is possible! Just click "Animation" > add Animation > Motion Paths. Select the "car" in this example and choose the appropriate motion path, in this case "Lines".  


  iSlide tip! - Moving and transforming a shape 1

 iSlide tip! - Moving and transforming a shape 2


A moving mini-car!
Try it! It's really easy!

If you can do this, your imagination is the limit.
Move, pictures, objects, logo's or whatever!

Create it under a time-line, graphic or any chart that will benefit from the extra attention of the "Flow".  

Modify and Transforming! 
( "Transformers" example ) 

You all know the movies! A car transforming to the Hugh robotics that can handle everything! 

In the basics it is the same as the car above. Only now, it's not 1 line, but 9 of them. You can do this with the iSlide Smooth Transition tool. 

Learn the turn in the shape. This will not take you more than 4 minutes max!

  iSlide tip! - Moving and transforming a shape 3

 iSlide tip! - Moving and transforming a shape 4


Transformers are here!

Look at the result! Nice right? 
The result is expanding, now , but the other way around works as well. Imagine little objects growing to the new company logo at the end of a presentation?
Now you are able to create anything you want, with just a few clicks!

Changing the color
while moving and Transitioning!

Only the color blue is boring, so we need to change the color as well! The same 9 lines, we only choose for one color here, but you understand what the possibilities are!  

Select your object, remove, re-size, or re-color it.
You can do it all! Your imagination is the limitation!

Every week new vectors are added to the Library!  


  iSlide tip! - Moving and transforming a shape 5


 iSlide tip! - Moving and transforming a shape - The result!


The result for now!

In these 5 steps you learned how to create this moving and transforming shape. Do it 3 times and you can do it forever with just a few clicks.

These cool and easy to use features are all standard features of the iSlide add-in.
You should download and try it!



Difficult to create a refreshing presentation that continues to fascinate your audience? Try iSlide now! 

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