The amazing Matrix Layout!

The Matrix Layout is one of the best features of the iSlide add-in, together with the Circular Layout of course. I wish this tool was available when I was in school or started working. In below video, we show you some basic things on how to use the matrix layout to your benefit. Handy with those scroll bars right? After these basics, we show you some real good ideas on how to make an amazing slide with this feature, in only a few clicks. Not only with squares, the ideas in the video show custom made shapes examples, and that works fine as well. It will never get easier than this! Adjust the shapes, the spacing in between the objects is never an issue anymore, do some (color) styling, some icons and look at the result! Do this twice, practice a little, and you never want to use any other free PowerPoint add-in!



Do you like this iSlide feature and want to try it our yourself? Visit the download page, register an email address and start trying the iSlide add-in now!


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