All the icons tips and tricks!

One of the best and most used libraries of the iSlide add-in, is the Icon library. This searchable library full of icons is very useful for giving your presentation just that extra little customizing touch that makes it amazing and fully supporting your presentation story.

The Icon library!

You can find it in the ribbon, on the iSlide Tab. On top of the library, you can use filters and search for icons with key words. But why are they called icons anyway? Well, the word "Icon" comes from the Latin word "eikon" which means image or likeness. Think about the Egyptian hieroglyphics or early rock paintings from thousands of years ago.

Icons can be considered as the most common language in the world today. Clear for everyone and passing different nationalities, languages and ages.

All the icons in the iSlide libraries contain fully adjustable icons that can be placed or replaced with a single click and are very easy to adjust in size and colors.


   Overview of the Icon Library

 Hovering Icons - download or replace


Using the Icon Library.

You can use the filter options, on top, for instance to select only the "free" icons in the library. Use a search word at the top and just click on the icon you like, and it will  directly download (1) it into your current slide.

You also see an enlarged example of the icon, when you hover over it. If you click on the star, next to the arrow, you make it a favorite icon and it is stored in your favorite default filtering settings for easy use later.

Replacing an icon.

When you want to replace an icon in your slide, make sure you select (1) the icon in your slide.

When you now hover over an icon in the library, you see the replace (2) symbol. The icon is replaced directly. 

An example, and the star, to make it one of your favorites is also present. Look at the bottom as well, the clipboard can also be very useful for you!

  Example of replacing an icon

 Uploading your own private icons


Uploading private icons!

If you have your own (company) icons, like a logo, you can upload them into your own library. This is a premium membership feature only. Click on the cloud upload icon on top of the library and select your private icon from a slide.

It is very easy for future corporate presentations.
We never, ever will use, share or access, your own private icons. Nobody can see them, and the only one that can use them is you.

Only when you use an iSlide Enterprise license, it is possible to share these private icons with your colleagues.

Uploading private icons part 2.

When your private icon is on the upload screen, it isn't stored yet. You can add keywords for it, separate them with comma's, or add one or more categories to your icon. When you click the button "Upload" at the bottom, the icon is really uploaded into your private icon space. 

You see a message like in the picture here. Be aware that only freeform shapes are supported for upload. This is checked before uploading, all to stay in line with the default PowerPoint values, guidelines and requirements, that an icon must have.

On the homepage of the icon library, you can select the "private" option in the filters. You can recognize a private icon on the little red personal icon that shows up in the right bottom of an icon.


  More private icons uploading stuff

 Deleting a private icon


Deleting a private Icon.

When you can upload it, you can also delete it of course.

On hovering over a private icon, a dustbin (delete) symbol will be visible in the right bottom corner, the favorite star is in the left top corner.

Clicking on that, a pop-up will be shown, asking you if you want to delete this resource, and informing you that this action cannot be restored. You are always able to upload it again, in case you do want to use other keywords or categories for your private icons for instance.

Replacing icons in bulk.

In slides you make, often multiple icons will be used, in different colors and shapes. 

Just select all the icons or elements that you want to replace. Click on the icon from the library and all of them will be replaced. 

The new icons will retain all the properties of the previous icons, because of our strict requirements and quality of every icon that is present in the library. Size, color, shadows, 3D and all other formatting will be just like before.

And remember, every week, new icons are added to the library by our professional designers team. 

  Replace icons or vectors with a simple click!


Replacing icons in a smart diagram


Replacing icons in a smart diagram!

When you click on a smart diagram, the editing pencil (1) is shown in the upper right top. When you click that, you can not only change the color or adjust the value with the scrollbar, but you can also click on the Icon Library (2) symbol, to replace the icon to match your presentation or chart topic. By default the icon is replaced in the same theme color the chart is in. 

This customizes your charts to a new, higher level and saves you so much time! 

Changing the default color of an Icon.

By default any icon you download is in the Microsoft default blue color. If you want to change that, it is possible. 

Insert an icon that you want to be default. Set it up like you want it in size, shadow or whatever effect you want. 

Right click it with your mouse (1) and choose Set as Default Shape (2). Next slide? See what happens when you insert a shape!

Changing the default icon


The article shows you the possibilities of the iSlide Icon Library and how it can be useful for you in saving time and customizing your presentations in a quick and smooth way. Remember to set the filter to free if you only use a registered account. Some of the above examples, like the use of private icons, are only possible if you are using a Premium membership. More, advanced and high quality icons are available if you have a Premium subscription. Just for your information, the Slide add-in libraries have around 305K+ resources (145K+ FREE resources and 160K Premium resources). If you are not a heavy PowerPoint user, you can just download the add-in, register your account, and use it for free. If you are a more heavier user, you are suggested and recommended to purchase the monthly or yearly Premium subscription, so you can enjoy all the high-quality resources. Don’t worry, the price is very reasonable, and you have earned it back in the time that you create 2 presentations.

Follow this instruction to register your account and start working with all the great features for free! 

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